PDS can effectively streamline and reduce the cost for fulfillment in e-commerce, direct mail, retail, wholesale, and more. We treat your products with respect and care, securely storing your merchandise in our secure facilities. Whether you are a startup or an established storefront, our experienced team of experts will provide the highest quality service to help streamline your operation. PDS is that one-stop shop that can provide hands-on assistance every step of the way.
PDS photo 5 fulfillment


Regardless of what products you’re shipping or how many orders you ship, PDS deliver customized beginning-to-end fulfillment solutions. Whether you have one product or hundreds of products, when PDS receive an order it is quickly picked, packed, and despatched.

From working with our existing clients, PDS already service a number of their e-commerce customers, – Amazon, Spring Chicken, Scotts, JD Williams, Savantini, Freemans and provide the following support services –


  • Receive and ship domestic and international deliveries
  • Manage government shipping and packaging regulations
  • Store and handle a variety of products
  • Preform, standard and customized packaging
  • Effortlessly integrate and simplify your Logistics management